Malojo born in Bayonne Bask Country lives and works in Tyrosse (landes) . His work is more and more known in the U.S thanks to many exhibitions and conventions (New York , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Taos etc…) but also in Mexico and Europe (Italie , Irlande , Scotland , Bask Country and france) . He regularly self publishes his own work and he’s currently working in his own toy .


My first visual shocks were those comic books covers and old horror movie posters, when a single image gives the stakes of a whole story.
Very early on, I was also influenced by religious and mythological representations, where more often than not the sublime tends toward the horror.

I’m equally fascinated by Bruegel and Walt Disney than by Tex Avery and Bosch, or Kuniyoshi and Ishinomori, the tokusatsus and the Pre-Raphaelites: I assimilated all of them to give birth to strange ,scars riddled characters with deformed faces, and many other lovable evil creatures.
Monsters are the true heroes of my universe :saints and even gods. 


2020 Sep 18 - 2020 Oct 17

2020,,,,Malojo 'Best Mutila II' | 2020 | Oil and acrylic on wood panel | 30x40cm | € 1200 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1556>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Malojo | Gekirou | 2020 | Drawing beautifully framed | 40x50cm | SOLD,,,,Malojo 'Best Mutila II' | 2020 | best mutila 1 ( about 30x40 )  oil and acrylic on wood panel | 30x40cm | € 1200 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1558>FOR SALE</a>