Victor Castillo


Victor Castillo participated in Popland 2.0 (2021) and Popland 3.0 (2023).

Victor Castillo (Chile, 1973)

Victor Castillo has showcased his artwork in numerous international galleries over the course of his career. His characters are influenced by the realms of comics and graffiti, drawing inspiration from historical painters like Francisco Goya which he first saw in real in 2004 when he lived in Barcelona, when he moved to L.A. in 2010 much of these impressions and thoughts were exposed to the new US society which lead to new masterpieces. Works in which he cleverly disguises scathing critiques of modern culture, politics, and decisions that adversely affect specific groups of people.

In his youth, growing up under the Pinochet dictatorship, he began drawing based on his observations of the world around him. He attended art school and subsequently became a part of an independent experimental art group in his hometown of Santiago. During that time, he focused on creating video installations and mixed media sculpture works. Living under such a challenging regime was difficult, and it left lasting impressions that we can still reflect upon today.

The vacant eyes, the clownish nose, and the peculiar fixed smile serve as cautionary signals within the narrative that Victor Castillo invites us to delve into and contemplate. 





The Stolen Muse
Hello Cowboy
L'amour - with frame
La Musa Azul
My best Friend
Una visita inesperada