Chuck Sperry
Hard cover book
27x33x5 cm

Title: "Color x Color: The Sperry Poster Archive - A Visual Journey Through Four Decades of Rock"

Featuring introductions by Charles Bock and Carlo McCormick, and an afterword by Josef Zimmerman, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, this stunning book takes readers on an immersive exploration of Chuck Sperry's extraordinary artistic journey.

Measuring 27 x 33 cm and comprising 752 pages, "Color x Color: The Sperry Poster Archive" is a treasure trove of visual delights. With over 800 captivating color illustrations, this remarkable publication published by Hangar 18 transports fans into the vibrant world of rock music, spanning from 1980 to 2020.

Weighing 5 kilos (!), the books come meticulously packaged in foam cases, ensuring safe individual shipping. As the global concert scene faces a temporary hiatus until 2021, this eagerly awaited book offers rock enthusiasts a much-needed escape and an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Chuck Sperry's iconic posters.

"Color x Color: The Sperry Poster Archive" not only celebrates the past four decades of rock music but also presents a glimpse into the future, hinting at the artistic journey that lies ahead for the next 40 years. With its captivating imagery and comprehensive coverage, this book promises an unforgettable visual journey for fans and art enthusiasts alike.

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Color x Color:  The Sperry Poster Archive

Introductions by Charles Bock and Carlo McCormick,
Afterword by Josef Zimmerman, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Curator of Contemporary Art
267 x 327 mm (10.5 x 12.9 x 2+ inches)
752 pages
800+ color illustrations!
Published by Hangar 18

5 kilos each, pre-packed in foam cases with a 
cardboard box, safe for individual shipping.