,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Blue Bell' | 2019 |  |  | € 2130 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1233>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Khaleegy' | 2019 | Acrylics on canvas | 50 x 60 cm | € 1980 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1234>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Odonata' | 2019 |  |  | € 3240 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1236>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Saudade' | 2019 | Acrylics on canvas | 80 x 80 cm | € 2880 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1239>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Smolder' | 0 |  |  | SOLD,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Terrestrial' | 2018 | Acrylic on canvas | 30x30 cm | € 1080 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1243>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Escape' | 2019 | Acrylics on canvas | 23 x 23 cm | € 600 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1247>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Indecis' | 2019 |  |  | € 1080 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1250>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Eve' | 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 90 x 70 cm | € 2880 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1249>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Saudade Limited edition of 30' | 2019 |  | 50 x 50 cm | € 75 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1240>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Tame' | 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 40x40cm | € 1440 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1242>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'En' | 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 70 x 90 cm | € 2880 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1245>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Entanglement' | 2019 |  | 30 x 30 cm | € 1080 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1246>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Roos van der Vliet 'Evanescent' | 2019 |  | 24 x 30 cm | € 972 <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1248>FOR SALE</a>


Roos van der Vliet

The Space Between

2019 Jun 22 - 2019 Jul 13

Hyperrealistic portraits and vanitas still lifes
The Space Between - Roos van der Vliet

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We’re very proud to present ‘The space between’, the second solo exhibition of Roos van der Vliet at KochxBos Gallery. After her first solo ‘Storytellers’ a lot happened; Roos contributed work for several exhibitions in the USA, across Europe and Australia. Her work will be shown for the second time at Scope Miami USA.

She won an honorable mention at the Beautiful Bizarre magazine Art Prize, and was published in several magazines and blogs such as New York Mag, the Huffington Post, Bl!ss Mag, Hi Fructose magazine, Booooooooom, Beautiful Bizarre magazine and Mister Motley. Her work is held in several private collections amongst the globe like the Bernarducci collection NYC.

Roos is merely known for her ‘Storyteller’ portraits in which women stare through the confines of their hair with a striking gaze. By letting these portraits speak to the viewer in a non-verbal language, their piercing eyes almost force the viewer to stand still and look back.

The Space Between
In Roos van der Vliet’s new work for ‘The Space between’ she explores human insignificance in the grand scheme of the vast universe. Her hyper-detailed portraits and still lifes with human hair ask the observer to both forgo their personal frame of mind and get lost in detail, as well as surrender to a profound feeling of melancholia. The tranquil hair paintings, disembodied from the faces we saw in her earlier ‘Storytellers’ work, can be considered as modern day still lifes. This lifeless matter we so thoughtlessly discard in our own lives is given a new meaning. The work asks the viewer to ponder the meaning of individuality, beauty and transiency.

Roos van der Vliet
Although Roos van der Vliet doesn’t consider herself a hyperrealist, she does get lost in the details. She wants to get so close to the reality she’s presenting, that it almost feels real. The eyes must look back, hair must look like it’s touchable. It has something to do with the feeling of alienation she gets when looking at the world around her. Life is so enigmatic, and by watching it from close up, repro-ducing that reality, it seems to give her more control over it. Like when she’s creating something real, it makes her more real.

The Space Between