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A journey into Fantasy

2016 May 7 - 2016 May 28

Solo show // New stunning art works in acrylic / collage and original drawings from the book 'Tumbelina', made by our French artist Ciou.

Ciou is present at the opening May 7, looking forward to see you.

Watch here the art and life of Ciou in the documentary 'Sarah's Barbaren' at VPRO.

Suspended between dream and nightmare, the paintings of Ciou consist of a base made of a collage of old papers, taken from old medical books, dictionaries, and nature manuals, where she uses acrylic and ink, creating her own personal mixed media. 

Her style is characterized by a line of great expressive force and a language where the power of color and deformation of shapes combine to make her stroke unmistakable. Ciou creates her own 'necro-kawai' cosmology of characters mainly centered around witch-y nature burlesque girls and their strange animal companions.  

Her new works feature florescent psychedelic colors as a foil for her obsessive black line work. Her darkly charming works are creepy in a very playful way, a bit of sweet and a bit of sour in a friendly and dangerous world.

Ciou, known for her is seen as one of the lowbrow artists that have have gone on to show their work primarily in contemporary art galleries among with Joe Coleman, Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Ray Caesar, Georganne Deen and the Clayton Brothers. (Wikipedia)

A journey into Fantasy