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Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single beat

2020 Jan 25 - 2020 Feb 15

Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single Beat

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On Saturday January 25th the exhibition ‘Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single Beat’ opens at KochxBos Gallery. In this new show Dadara shows the heart of his new works, as well as his own heart. “There’s so much to discover beyond the superficial” Dadara says.   

Open your mind / Open your heart

The inspiration for this exhibition is amongst others a five hour long open-heart surgery. Dadara was invited to attend this surgery as a spectator. Like an astronaut who sees a different world once he has watched earth from space, Dadara was profoundly changed when he saw a live heart beating. “I’m always conscious of my brain, but only now have I become profoundly conscious of the continuous beating of my heart.”

Dadara’s work is like a tweaked, magical mirror, which reflects our society and blurs the line between reality and fantasy. An overview of his work is presented in the book ‘Open your Mind, so we can use your Data’, which was published last year. 

This book came to the attention of the cardiologist who was involved in the heart surgery of both of Dadara’s parents. While browsing through the book, the cardiologist realized that something was missing. “Open your mind? Open your heart!” thought the heart specialist. He invited Dadara to come witness an open-heart surgery.


Crown Jewel

Dadara felt a deep connection with the heart surgeon, who like Dadara worked in a deep state of concentration, somewhere at the border between logic and intuition. Even though a heart surgeon is expected to work rationally, the act of performing surgery on a heart is partly beyond reason. The realms of the mind and the heart converged at the fingertips of the heart surgeon, as they also converge in Dadara’s pen. 

This inspired Dadara to create a series of works that put the heart center stage. The heart is an organic machine: all of life compressed to the size of a fist. It is the center of our world, the body’s engine with two halves that complement each other like Yin and Yang. 

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Hundreds of thousands of Dadara’s heart beats now lie encapsulated in a pen drawing almost three meters wide: Every journey of a thousand hearts starts with a single beat. A work that he created in Japan over the course of a two-month trip. 

Dadara also created a painting of a heart with a ‘Supreme’ logo printed on it, Supreme being one of the most hyped brands of the moment. “The heart is the most personal thing we have, but even this is not safe from hypebeast mania.” The exhibition also features a picture of a meditating heart, trying to keep its peace amid a haywire mandala of raised middle fingers. What’s more, Dadara made a couple of drawings using his own blood. It doesn’t get more personal than this. 

Eventually Dadara himself entered an CT scanner, in order to make a three-dimensional cast of his heart. This heart – gold plated silver, with diamonds and sapphires accentuating the veins and arteries – is placed like a crown jewel at the center of the exhibition. Dadara: “My heart is the heart of the show.” 

Exhibition Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single Beat

Saturday January 25 until Saturday February 15

Drawing Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single Beat
Almost three meters long drawing, zigzag folded to 12 x 18 cm
Linen cover with gold foil, printed on Muncken Lynx Rough 150 gr
Edition of 100, € 100,00 
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Book Open your mind - So we can use your data

KochxBos Publishers presents ‘Open your mind - So we can use your data’. The ultimate Dadara book: this beautifully crafted hardcover edition by Dadara and KochxBos Publishers is a record of his full body of work, containing 200 pages of mind-blowing art


Every Journey of a Thousand Hearts starts with a single beat