SHOWS,,,,LED City<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1341>for sale</a>,,,,Bury the living<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1343>for sale</a>,,,,Dreamland<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1344>for sale</a>,,,,Nothing is new under the sun<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1345>for sale</a>'Communion'_lichter_KochxBos.jpg,'Communion'_lichter_KochxBos.jpg,'Communion'_lichter_KochxBos.jpg,'Communion'_lichter_KochxBos.jpg,<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1346>for sale</a>,,,,Festival Of Light - framed with museum glass<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1347>for sale</a>,,,,Naiad - framed with museum glass<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1349>for sale</a>,,,,Nature of Gravity - framed with museum glass<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1350>for sale</a>,,,,La Chasse 9/20 - museum glass<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1351>for sale</a>,,,,Thoughts and Prayers - framed<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1356>for sale</a>,,,,Left<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1357>for sale</a>,,,,Boy on Ice<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1359>for sale</a>,,,,Family and pelican<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1360>for sale</a>,,,,Girl with magpie<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1361>for sale</a>,,,,Girl on Ice<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1362>for sale</a>,,,,The Chase (top) - Gold plated hands with pin<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1367>for sale</a>,,,,Odanata<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1371>for sale</a>



Salon d'Hiver

2019 Dec 13 - 2020 Jan 17

We've made a selection of artworks for Salon d'Hiver from Zoé Byland, Ray Caesar, Ciou, Meryl Donoghue, Martine Johanna, Claire Partington and Roos van der Vliet

There are limited editions, silkscreens and art under € 500,-  from Zoé Byland, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ciou, Dadara, Bethany de Forest, Claire Partington, Sarah Maple and Roos van der Vliet

We would also like to draw your attention to the end of the KunstKoop arrangement. This gives you the option to purchase a piece of art now and to spread the payment in 24 months without interest. Come by to join this great deal before it stops!

Salon d'Hiver