Lindsey Carr

Vile Creatures

2021 Mar 12 - 2021 Apr 3

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Friday 12 March 17:00-20:00 and Saturday 13 March 12:00-18:00

Lindsey Carr - ‘Vile creatures’

A natural history of my ex-boyfriends

Lindsey Carr (Glasgow, GB) has an unmistakable, sophisticated style.
She makes stylistic choices from traditional naturalistic painting, which she combines with her own contemporary concepts.
Carr created the series ‘Vile Creatures’ with the memories of her ex-lovers in mind, influenced by 18th-century European and Chinese natural history paintings. Works as relics from a bygone era, with a touch of surrealism. Her titles ‘The Exhibitionists’, ‘The Voyeur’, ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Sneaky Bitch’ say enough about these intensively executed, original and unveiling watercolours.

With poems by Angharad Jefferson (Wales)

The exhibition is on view until April 3, 2021

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On the poster you see 'The Voyeur'

Peeping Peter picked to perv
on school friends of his girl.
On the loo, his scruples few
He scrolled through
Insta porn.

“I like your dress”
He wrote, inspired
He’s such a clever dick.
The wife will see
paternal, he.
Not creepy, old man shtick.

Angharad Jefferson

Vile Creatures