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Ray Caesar

Caesar [exchange] SWEET 18 EXHIBITION

2015 May 1 - 2015 Jul 5

KochxBos gallery will represent Ray Caesar at the
SWEET 18 EXHIBITION at Castle d'Ursel in Belgium

SWEET 18 will
show you the 18th century through the eyes of
fifty contemporary designers, artists and fashion
designers: from Erwin Olaf and Wim Delvoye to
Walter van Beirendonck and Philippe Starck.
We all have somewhere in our minds the same
images of the 18th century. Wigs and hooped
petticoats. Towering hairstyles and elegant furniture.
Fine porcelain on lavishly decked tables.
Sensual portraits and frivolous paintings. The 18th century was the time of the Enlightenment
and of the flowering of the arts and sciences. But
it also created a playful, artificial world for aristocrats
wanting to escape reality and immerse themselves in fantasy. A charmed world of pleasure, abundance and voluptuousness, of pastel tints and curlicues, a world which inspires many an artist to this day. Spreading themselves over
all three floors of the castle these artists will show
you the 18th century as you have never seen it
SWEET 18 has been brought together by the
following team of curators: Luisa Bernal (art),
Dieter Van Den Storm (design), Wim Mertens
(fashion) and Hélène Bremer (art).
Ode to Marie Antoinette
Whether it be for her extravagant lifestyle,
influential fashion sense or her tragic death,
French Queen Marie-Antoinette still speaks to
our imagination. Director Sofia Coppola’s film
spearheaded the revival. Charlotte De Cock’s
painting perfectly match the theme and for pop
stars like Madonna and Beyoncé she is also a powerful
icon. German illustrator Olaf Hajek gives
his own take on her in the Black Antoinette series
while top Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf offers
up a gory portrait of the queen: beheaded.

Caesar [exchange] SWEET 18 EXHIBITION