,,,,Ray Caesar 'The Collector' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 101x76 | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Fallen' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 102x76 | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Mother and Child' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 107x71 & 183x122 | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Dark Guardian' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 31x31 | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Fallen Study' | 2013 | 3d | 38x38 | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Mother and Child Study' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 61 x 61 cm | SOLD,,,,Ray Caesar 'Winter Study' | 2013 | 3D digital art | 61 x 61 cm | SOLD


Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar - Winter group Show

2013 Nov 16 - 2014 Feb 8

Recent works by Ray Caesar, Meryl Donoghue and Zoé Byland.
Ray Caesar shows his latest work 'The Collector'. We welcome our new artist Zoé Byland from Vienna. Also the new works by Meryl Donoghue who has her 'come back' after Graduating London Post-Art academy.

About Ray Caesar
Caesar is incomparable. The way he uses and refines his 3D techniques is second to none. Slowly but surely the assumption that work created on a computer cannot be art, is fading. Caesar’s tool is ultra-modern, his artistic influences are wide. They reach from the old Flemish and Dutch masters like Vermeer, Campin and Jan van Eyck to eighteenth century English painter Gainsborough, from French rococo artists like Watteau and Boucher to film directors like Hitchcock and David Lynch. All characters – even when depicted with mouth shut – always have tongue and teeth. ‘Neither are they always girls under those clothes, it isn’t always what it appears to be. They can be masculine or something different all together. I think, on the inside we are all very different beings.

About Meryl Donoghue
Stunning photo-manipulation with characters from an obscure and unreal world. Meryl Donoghue draws her inspiration from British and European folklore and ancient myths. Each work starts with pencil sketchings, which she subsequently processes in photography, scanning and digital manipulation to the glossy result that we can’t get enough of.

About Zoé Byland
This Winter Group Show Swiss Zoé Byland makes her debut at KochxBos Gallery. She mixes traditional painting techniques with 3D. Zoé studied art and media design in Zurich and studied contextual painting at the academy of fine arts in Vienna in the class of Muntean/Rosenblum, Prof. Elke Krystufek and Prof. Hans Scheirl.


Ray Caesar - Winter group Show