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With skirts up | 2011 | Oil on board | 40 x 50 cm | SOLD,,,,Sarah Maple 'Da Vinci Cock' | 2008 | Photograph | 70 x 98 cm | € 1900 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=379>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Sarah Maple 'Cup Cock' | 2008 | Photograph | 70 x 98 cm | € 1900 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=378>FOR SALE</a>




Sarah Maple

10 years - I Still Wish I Had A Penis

2021 Sep 3 - 2021 Oct 2

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SARAH MAPLE - I still wish I had a penis
10 years anniversary exhibition

Te zien tot en met zaterdag 2 oktober

Ik wil graag een catalogus ontvangen van Sarah Maple 

Ik wil graag het Parool artikel lezen

Zo’n twaalf jaar geleden ontdekten we online een piepkleine .gif afbeelding: Signs, het veelzeggende afstudeerwerk van Sarah Maple. Dit werk bleef intrigeren en we gingen Sarah Maple een periode lang volgen. Ze bleef ons door haar artistieke consistentie, spitsvondigheid én humor verassen. Inmiddels werken we 10 jaar samen, is Maple een bekende Britse persoonlijkheid, maakte zij de eerste Art sit-com en selecteerde Marina Abramovic haar werk recent voor Abramovic’s persoonlijke tv-uitzending. Een aantal van deze werken zijn ook tijdens de expositie te zien.

Iedere expositie weer verrijkt Maple ons met haar vrije ideeën rond de thema's identiteit, religie, (werking van) de kunstwereld, feminisme, vreemdelingenhaat, overheersende mannelijkheid en vrijheid van meningsuiting. 

Zichzelf centraal
Maple stelt zichzelf vaak centraal om stereotypen en normatief gedrag aan de kaak te stellen. Ze confronteert ons met kwesties waar we allemaal over nadenken met humor, ironie en een verrassende eerlijkheid. Haar persoonlijke gemengde religieuze en culturele achtergrond - haar moeder is Moslima en haar vader Christelijk - is bepalend voor veel van haar werk. Sarah maakt vrij gebruik van diverse disciplines variërend van collages tot performances. 

Wat te zien
Naast haar nieuwe werken Portraits with fans en Cutouts ook bekende Maple klassiekers zoals The Opposite of a Feminist, Fake News, Fighting Fire with Fire en If I Loved You It Was Because of Your Hair… Over het laatste werk vind je bij de laatste bullet meer info. 

Sitcom – een meta ervaring
Tijdens onze expositie zal haar scherpste werk tot nu toe debuteren: 
'The Sarah Maple Show', een satire op de kunstwereld waar ze zich zowel in verheugt als wanhoopt.

Dit sleutelwerk is een baanbrekende reeks korte films waarin kunst en sitcoms worden gecombineerd. Een ‘art-com’ zo je wilt.
Elke aflevering is een semi-autobiografisch stuk met artiesten als Cindy Sherman en Sarah Lucas. Met Maple's echte verzamelaars en collega's - zoals David Tennant, Sonia Boyce, Will Gompertz, Nikki Bedi en curator Kate Bryan is de fictieve sitcom/videokunst een meta-ervaring zijn, waarbij de grens tussen fictie en realiteit vervaagt.

Zo wil Sarah Maple de grenzen verleggen van wat kunst kan zijn. Zoals het een Maple expositie betaamt, zal de galerie onconventioneel ingericht worden met onder andere een Sarah Maple Behang. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-    Sarah Maple's prijswinnende kunstwerken, films en performances zijn aangekocht en tentoongesteld in onder andere Tate Britain, Birmingham Museum, Golden Thread Gallery, The Hyman Collection, The Ned, New Art Exchange, Imago Mundi, Queens University Belfast, York, College Galleries Pennsylvania, Tallin Art Hall Estonia en SoHo House London.

-    Marina Abramovic heeft recent Maple’s video performances Freedom of Speech, Thoughts and Prayers en Dedicated to World peace geselecteerd voor haar persoonlijke tv uitzending. Deze performances zijn ook tijdens de expositie te zien. 

-    In 2011 heeft Sarah Meuleman de 60 minuten durende documentaire Sarah’s Barbaren gemaakt, deze is te zien via VPRO uitzending gemist.

-    Het niet te missen en spraakmakende werk The World As We Know It debuteerde tijdens Art Rotterdam 2021 op het buitenterrein van de Van Nellefabriek.
-    Het werk If I Loved You It Was Because of Your Hair…  is geïnspireerd door twee iconische momenten: Frida Kahlo's scheiding van echtgenoot Diego en Britney Spears beruchte publieke instorting na haar relatiebreuk in 2007 waarbij ze haar hoofd kaal schoor. Maple is gefascineerd door hoe vrouwen de controle over hun leven en lichaam kunnen verliezen. “Ik ben geïnteresseerd in de manieren waarop we die controle terug proberen te krijgen. Ik vond iets krachtig poëtisch in deze daad, alsof het verwijderen van haar, dat zo verband houdt met vrouwelijke schoonheid en seksualiteit, een manier kan zijn om de controle over ons leven en lichaam terug te krijgen. 

Het werk is nu weer relevant door het betwiste curatorschap van haar vader, die nog steeds enorme controle op Britneys leven heeft, tot de anti-conceptie aan toe .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I still wish I had a penis

De expositie is te zien tot en met zaterdag 2 oktober

Opening Galerieseizoen 2021 2022
Vanaf vrijdag gaat het nieuwe kunstseizoen van start, ontdek tijdens deze galerietour (georganiseerd door Gallery Viewer & Het Parool) de beste tentoonstellingen van Amsterdam.

Onder leiding van een curator, kunstverzamelaar of journalist bezoek je verschillende Amsterdamse galeries. Tijdens de tour leer je de andere deelnemers kennen en ga je in gesprek met de galeriehouders. Verwacht een mix van opkomend talent en gevestigde namen, en een verscheidenheid aan mediums en technieken. Op zaterdag 4 september vertrekken tussen 12.00 en 14.00 uur vijf rondleidingen langs een aantal galeries, onder leiding van jazzmuzikant en kunstenaar Yuri Honing, kunstverzamelaar Casper van der Kruk, disco-feminist en kunsthistorica Cathelijne Blok, en Nina Folkersma en Martine Halsema van Amsterdam Art.

Dit programma start vanaf het hoofdkantoor van Gallery Viewer (Keizersgracht 241). Aanmeldingen verlopen via De aanvangstijd is voor elke groep verschillend: jouw bevestiging en tijdsslot en krijg je per mail toegestuurd. In verband met corona is er beperkt plaats, dus wees er snel bij.




If you like to receive a catalogue with Sarah Maple's work click here

About twelve years ago we discovered a tiny .gif image online: Signs, Sarah Maple's revealing graduation work. This work continued to intrigue and we started following Sarah Maple for a period of time. She continued to surprise us with her artistic consistency, wit and humor. We have been working together for 10 years now, Maple is a well-known British personality, she made the first Art sit-com and Marina Abramovic recently selected her work for Abramovic's personal TV broadcast. A number of these works can also be seen during the exhibition.

Every exhibition Maple enriches us with her free ideas on the themes of identity, religion, (functioning of) the art world, feminism, xenophobia, dominant masculinity and freedom of expression.

Maple often takes center stage to challenge stereotypes and normative behavior. She confronts us with issues we all think about with humor, irony and a surprising honesty. Her personal mixed religious and cultural background - her mother is Muslim and her father Christian - defines much of her work. Sarah makes free use of various disciplines ranging from collages to performances.

What to see
In addition to her new works Portraits with fans and Cut Outs, also well-known Maple classics such as The Opposite of a Feminist, Fake News, Fighting Fire with Fire and If I Loved You It Was Because of Your Hair… You can find about the latest work at the last bullet more info.

Sitcom – a meta experience
In our exhibition Maple's sharpest work to date will debut in The Netherlands: The Sarah Maple Show, a satire on the artworld that she both rejoices in and despairs at.

This key work is a ground breaking series of short films that fuse art with sitcoms. An ‘art-com’ if you will. Exploring the experience of being an artist, and a very particular outspoken artist, each film is a semiautobiographical piece, a heightened reality that draws influence from Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as seminal artists such as Cindy Sherman and Sarah Lucas. The fictional sitcom/video art will be a meta experience, blurring the line between fiction and reality.  Maple aim to push the boundaries of what art can be and who it is available to.

As befits a Maple exhibition, the gallery will be decorated unconventionally and Sarah Maple will be present during the opening of the gallery season.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

• Sarah Maple's award-winning artworks, films and performances have been acquired and exhibited at Tate Britain, Birmingham Museum, Golden Thread Gallery, The Hyman Collection, The Ned, New Art Exchange, Imago Mundi, Queens University Belfast, York, College Galleries Pennsylvania, among others. Tallin Art Hall Estonia and SoHo House London.

• Marina Abramovic has recently selected Maple's video performances Freedom of Speech, Thoughts and Prayers and Dedicated to World peace for her personal TV broadcast. These performances can also be seen during the exhibition.

• In 2011, Sarah Meuleman made the 30-minute documentary Sarah's Barbaren, which can be seen via VPRO broadcast.

• The unmissable and controversial work The World As We Know It made its debut during Art Rotterdam 2021 on the outside area of the Van Nelle factory.
The work If I Loved You It Was Because of Your Hair… is inspired by two iconic moments: Frida Kahlo's divorce from husband Diego and Britney Spear's infamous public collapse after her breakup in 2007 in which she shaved her head. Maple is fascinated by how women can lose control of their lives and bodies. “I'm interested in the ways we're trying to regain that control. I found something powerfully poetic in this act, as if removing hair so related to female beauty and sexuality could be a way to regain control of our lives and bodies.

The work is now relevant again due to the disputed trusteeship of her father, who still has enormous control over Britney's life, right down to birth control.


Het Parool Article - September 4, 2021

Sarah Maple retrospective: a cocktail of provocation, vulnerability and confusion 

by Edo Dijksterhuis

British-Indian artist Sarah Maple makes her identity the focus and subject of her work. This raises controversy, which she counters with humor. On Saturday her retrospective exhibition: 10 Years - I Still Wish I Had A Penis opens in Koch x Bos.

The Freedom of Speech video starts out conventionally enough. Sarah Maple looks straight into the camera and talks about her artistic intentions. Perhaps the platitudes about 'connecting with the public' sound a bit hollow, but that doesn't mean she needs to be hit by an arm that suddenly seems to come from behind the camera. Maple doesn't flinch and carries on stiffly, but more blows follow, at shorter and shorter intervals. Maple wipes her from her face, starts to stutter and struggles to the finish line sobbing in the last minute. 

“I recorded Freedom of Speech after a period in which I had made a lot of controversial work,” says the artist, who is opening a retrospective exhibition at the Koch x Bos gallery today. “With images from popular culture, I responded to the negative stereotypes about Muslims that became common after 9/11. I painted a Muslim woman with a pig in her arms and a woman in a burqa with a button that reads 'I love orgasms'. This provoked violent, sometimes frightening reactions. I told myself it didn't bother me. But in Freedom of Speech, for which I had nothing planned and certainly not those tears, the frustration came up.”  

The video fills the viewer with disgust and pity, but also with a feeling of almost sadistic satisfaction – because that soft talk fuels the aggression. It is Sarah Maple in full: an intriguing cocktail of provocation, vulnerability and confusion. Her most impressive work to date is The Sarah Maple Show, a six-part sitcom poking fun at the art world. Absurdistic, anti-authoritarian and dryly comical as only the British can do. “I'm not quite sure what to call this work yet,” Maple admits. “I have resisted the label 'sitcom' for a long time, even though the series was broadcast by the commercial channel Sky. In my head it's a sitcom-style video artwork, but maybe that's my own snobbery.”

Layer of irony 
With that answer, Maple wraps her work with yet another layer of irony. Because the aspiring artist she plays in her show is herself constantly exposed to insincerity and villainous machinations. “The show is an investigative commentary on the beginning of my career. The biggest problem with the art world is that it hardly lets anyone in. I knocked on the door for a long time and no one answered. But I like a bit of a fight and cherish my position as an outsider.” This is evident from the hilarious photo series Portraits With Fans. In genuine reception photo style, she poses with Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, the Chapman brothers and other greats from the British art world. Those men – they are exclusively men – possessively put an arm around her or enthrone her like arm candy. Maple, in turn, looks deadly bored or stuffy. 

The artist grew up as the daughter of an Indian Muslim woman and a white British father. Little was done about art in the parental home. “But as a teenager I discovered that through self-portraits I could convey a message that I could not express in words. Because I was good at drawing and painting, I went to art academy.” 

There she made the key work Signs. It is a photographic triptych in which Maple is dressed in a headscarf in the first image and is holding a sign that reads 'I wish I had a penis'. In the second she wears only red lingerie and a sign that reads 'because then I'd fuck you'. She holds the punchline 'then steal your job', dressed in a business suit. 

Body as canvas 
“There was a strong reaction to it, especially by women who didn't like feminism. But my teacher agreed and told me to continue. Since then, the position of women has improved, but we are still underrepresented in collections and galleries. You see that museums are slowly catching up and putting forgotten female artists in the spotlight, such as Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Eileen Agar in London recently.”

Maple herself is inspired by Sarah Lucas, who fought for herself in the testosterone-driven universe of the Young British Artists with macho self-portraits in the 1990s. Like Lucas, Maple uses her body as a canvas. “My work is autobiographical, but what you see is not me, more a character. Lately I've been a bit less of a figure in my work, but that will soon change. I am pregnant. As an artist my whole life has always revolved around my work, but immediately something else comes first. I am curious how motherhood will influence my work.” 

Sarah Maple: 10 Years – I Still Wish I Had A Penis. Until 2 October in Koch x Bos Gallery, Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36

Translated in English by Easywriter / Tycho Fokkema

10 years - I Still Wish I Had A Penis