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Ready to Tell

2014 May 17 - 2014 Jun 7

Taco Sipma and Mark Moget are Sauerkids; an international artist duo from Rotterdam.

They both share a Graphic Design background that emerges in typography and the use of materials where no medium or technique is shunned. Sauerkids have fun in experimenting with techniques, this time pastueze paint is deposit on transparent foil. Careful thick layers of paint(spots), that - once dried - are subtracted from the foil screen and mounted on pre-printed panels. So the art -that may looks random - actually is precisely made. These pent-up emotions, that were carefully fitted and measured, are poured over us .
The exhibition "Ready to tell” shows their latest series of portraits that - understatement - are not very cheerful: they tell a story about injustice and anger. Intense and confusing .

The work of Sauerkids has been shown in numerous international art exhibitions and in various publications.

"Collages with advertisements from another universe, with characters caught in their own powerlessness.”

"Instead of creating order in everyday life Sauerkids like to create even more confusion."

© Opening pictures by Bara Lockefeer

Ready to Tell