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Tout Autaunt

2012 Sep 29 - 2012 Oct 20

SauerKids are Mark Moget and Taco Sipma, an international highly valued artist and design duo from Rotterdam.
Their work has been shown at various international festivals and exhibitions in New York, Berlin and Barcelona. In addition, their work published in various magazines and books.

About the art
It is best described as a combination of sweet and sour perception and confusion of everyday life. There is no medium shunned. Besides Barbapapa, Willem van Genk and Gerard Reve especially their intensive cooperation a constant source of inspiration.

"Their works make days light and happy. They succeed in creating a very free, disruptive but funny world in every art piece that enlightens a wall"
(Esther Koch & Hans Bos)

They bang in Amsterdam, don't miss it!

Tout Autaunt