Adam Wallacavage


Adam Wallacavage was part of the Popland 1.0 exhibition.

I started designing and building chandeliers for my South Philadelphia home back in 2001. I purchased a late 1800’s era brownstone that was converted into a doctor’s office in the 1940’s and completely redesigned the place over time to go any direction I felt like. Learning new techniques and processes along the way.

I often refer to my house as a sketchbook of ideas. It’s a nonconventional setting that often takes people by surprise but the point of it is to have fun and to not let contemporary trends or limitations stand in the way of exploration.  I come from a photography background. I got my start as a staff photographer for Thrasher Skateboard Magazine in the mid 90’s and then spent a decade or so as a commercial photographer as well as shooting many different artists for publications such as Juxtapoz and Swindle magazines.

After creating the chandeliers for my “Jules Verne” room, I continued making more and in 2006, I was given my first solo gallery exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC. Since then, I’ve shown my work in many galleries and museums around the world. While I continue to make new work for exhibit, I mostly do custom commissions and I love working with interiors and ideas.

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