Erlend Tait


Erlend Tait is a Norwegian artist residing in Scotland with his partner, artist Pamela Tait, known for his style that combines elements of surrealism, fantasy, and mythology. He imbues his works with symbolic and metaphorical meanings inspired by mythology, folklore, and personal experiences. Tait has an extensive list of exhibitions to his name.

"I live in the north of Scotland and, during the winter, the nights are long and the sky is always inspiring. For the 2 new works showing at the Popland 3.0 exhibition in 2023 I’ve been thinking a lot about space and light and the universe and how we fit into the grand scheme of things."

"I think of my paintings as portraits of imaginary friends. They often start from an obscure thought or hazy image in my mind, or even just a word, and then evolve through the process of making. I like to work things out on the painting surface (nowadays my sketchbooks are more like notebooks) and I keep reworking and adjusting until I feel a connection with the person appearing before me."

Erlend Tait participates in the Popland 3.0 exhibition in 2023.

Cosmic Rays
Built-in Obsolescence
Option Paralysis