Guillaume Josué


© Crédit photo : Antoine Galindo Antoine Galindo

Guillaume Josué was born in 1976.
In 2009, he founded L’Atelier his studio and a Gallery in Biarritz (France).

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The creation of this experimental place, collaborations with artists and contemporary creation centers, interventions on walls and street furniture, are the various manifestations of a work marked by the use of supposedly familiar, expressive images, recurring.
Among these variations remains the relevance of the background with regard to the support: a background produced using meticulous gestures, which could construct, as in the barely hatched Renaissance paintings, a perspective of black and white tiles, a vanishing point.
However, the horizon absent from the works, the autonomous treatment of a background without place generates a foreground without time. The possibility of a narration, the representation of which stirs up the lure before our eyes, is prevented by the ornamental and iconoclastic character of the background.
On these sensitive geometrical figures, moving the line and the flat, performative ideograms summon love, the spiritual, the farewell to poverty, the rejection of a masculinity made into society, the existence of a remedy for our bad word: derision.

Reactivating the sign or symbol process, the artist makes each object an end to receive meaning or not to receive it ...
It doesn't matter whether the gold leaf has mystical virtue or whether the leafless tree evokes a still life: there is in the spectator's immediate emotion a faith claimed by the artist.

Guillaume was part of the Popland 1.0 (2020) and 2.0 Exhibition (2021).

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