Harma Heikens

(NL) Harma Heikens seduces the viewer with stereotypes in advertising and pop culture. But her life-size images confuse. Big blue eyes pull you into her world with issues such as poverty, war and sexual exploitation that may look sweet but have a bitter aftertaste. Heikens images are often based on reality.
2014 Sep 22 - 2014 Sep 22
Dautzenberg Speech

2014 Sep 20 - 2014 Oct 25
All is Fair in Love and War

2014,,,,All is Fair in Love and War & Untitled [Osama],,,,O.G. Close up,,,,O.G. He doesn't bite with Good Year,,,,A2 second publicity poster Harma Heikens,,,,Book Harma Heikens,,,,Goldfinger,,,,All Is Fair in Love and War,,,,Toys in the Attic,,,,Untitled,,,,Trick or Treat,,,,A Good Year,,,,O.G. (hij doet niks),,,,Volkskrant Review **** stars
2013 Feb 23 - 2013 Mar 17
Heikens & Pontiac


,,,,Fire at Will,,,,Live Free or Die,,,,Bladerunner,,,,Sorry,,,,Born To Serve,,,,Aileen W.,,,,First Blood,,,,The Virgin