Jang Koal


Dahye Jang / Artist Name: Jang Koal
Born in 1989 in Ulsan, South Korea. After she graduated from Animation high schoolin 2007 she moved to Seoul to pursue a career in fine arts. Jang’s work evolved fromfigurative art into her signature art style. Blending cartoon-like forms with Easternpainting techniques, Jang Koal produces enticing narratives populated by a host ofdaring female characters. Although she has a background in illustration work, Koalstarted out in painting and employs age-old techniques, using multiple layers of painton traditional Korean paper, hanji.

Cat-like eyes, strong lashes, bright red lips and pale white skin are trademarkfeatures of Koal’s powerful figures, the protagonists in a world where exploration anddiscovery are key. As the artist herself explains, “losing one’s sense of curiosity andthe will to discover something new is even scarier than the unknown.”