Jennybird Alcantara


© Photo via Carnival of Saints and Souls


Jennybird Alcantara (USA) s a contemporary Neo Surrealist artist whose work explores mystery, transformation, nature and the archetypical and anthropomorphic world. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1995 and presently lives and works in Oakland, California with her husband John and 2 black darling dogs, Sailor and Vegas. Jennybird’s work has been exhibited broadly in the US and Europe and is in private collections worldwide. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and artist anthologies. 

2020 Sep 18 - 2020 Oct 17

2020,,,,Jennybird Alcantara | Dragon Flower | 2020 | Oil on wood panel | 21x26cm | SOLD,,,,Jennybird Alcantara | Languishing Beauty | 2020 | Oil on wooden panel | 13x18cm | SOLD