Nouar, a talented artist hailing from Los Angeles has a graduate of the Art Center College of Design. In our consumer-driven society, it's common for us to buy things simply because they look good. But Nouar sees beyond the surface and intentionally exposes the hidden realities behind the appealing façade of tasty treats and eye-catching products. She shines a light on the dark side of sales tactics, mass production, and the unhealthy lifestyle that often accompanies them.

Nouar's art incorporates satire to take aim at genetically modified food, cultural stereotypes associated with American cuisine, and the deceptive nature of mid-century advertising. In those days, pin-up posters were often filled with double meanings, and Nouar fearlessly explores that territory. Her work cleverly peels back the layers, revealing the manipulation behind the glossy images and aiming to awaken the viewer's understanding of the tricks used to please the masses.

Through her witty and thought-provoking art, Nouar challenges viewers to reconsider their own consumer choices and contemplate the consequences of a society driven by materialism. She encourages us to question the harm that comes from mindlessly falling for visually appealing products, while also prompting a reevaluation of our relationship with the complex world of advertising.

Participating in the Popland 3.0 exhibition in 2023.

Here comes the clown - with frame