Sonya Fu


Sonya Fu participates in the Popland 3.0 exhibition, 2023.


Sonya FU (a.k.a. FU Man Yi, 1982, Hong Kong) is a highly acclaimed visual artist who grew up in the cultural milieu of the former British Colony where East meets West, Fu's artistic sensibilities are influenced by both Oriental and Western culture.

Since 2010, Fu has exhibited her works in numerous international art fairs and art galleries across the globe. Her talent has been recognized and featured in respected art publications such as Curvy, Hi-Fructose, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and the Semi-Permanent art books.

In 2011, Fu was honored with The Perspective Magazine's '40 Under 40' award, which celebrates the top young creative talents in Asia. In 2019, one of Fu's masterpieces, "Anitya," was selected to be part of the permanent art collection at the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens.

Drawing inspiration from her dreams, cultural heritage, spirituality, and a deep interest in metaphysics, Fu seamlessly weaves her subject matters with symbolic metaphors and glimpses of unseen beauty from her dreamscapes. Her art often incorporates fragments of childhood memories, creating an intriguing and enigmatic atmosphere in her visual narratives.

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