[FRANCE] CIou’s art has found it way to private collections owned by trailblazer like Camille Rose Garcia, Paola Hivelin, Jennybird Alcantara and Joy Wanders.

Her art has been shown in the Urban Nation museum in Berlin, Palais de Tokyo and La Halle St. Pierre, both in Paris, The Madre Museum of Contemporary Art in Napoli and  is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of la Poste in Paris.

The acrylic with Rotring® ink works have a focusing on the japanese culture with her own ‘Kawai’ cosmology of characters, mainly centered around witchy nature burlesque girls and their strange animal companions.

Ciou was inspired by parades, carnivals and Hokkaï (a Japanese ghost). Her parade is a mix between a dark celebration and happiness. You can join her Black Parade and find new horizons. Let the magic begin!

Ciou (1981) comes from Toulouse, the pink city in the south of France. Her first important exhibition was in 2004, in New-York at the flux Factory with Miss Van, Camille Rose Garcia, and some other girls. After this show, she had some exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, New-York, Portland, Brussels and Amsterdam with
confirmed artists like Miss Van, Camille Rose Garcia, Junko Mizuno,Sunny buick, Lisa Petrucci, Tara Mc Pherson. 

In may 2009, she made a solo show " Nymph" at the Kochxbos Gallery in Amsterdam. She brings you in nature where the modern nymphs lives with their strange delight. Future Projects include her first book "Chat Siamois" with her first vinyl toy, with the scenarist Guillaume Bianco, venusdea editor and a lot of new drawings and paintings.

Ciou's artworks are cute and scary, a mixture between wonderland and nightmares.
She paints with acrylic and ink and makes collage for the background. The Background is composed by a lot of little old papers taken from old dictionaries or medical books.

She loves collecting animal skeletons, Vintage toys, specialty Bambi toys, taxidermy, tattoo and music. She is very interested in primitive art, religious art, Japanese culture, Art nouveau, Symbolyst art, dolls, pin ups, cemeteries, carnivals and her eyes are open wide all the time. 

2019 Nov 16 - 2019 Dec 7
The Inner Land II

2019,,,,Ciou 'Katsushika Oi the Ghost Brush',,,,Ciou 'The Misfits Parade' | € 12900 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1218>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'Mermaid song' | € 3400 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1229>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'Clouds of Dragons',,,,Ciou 'Cosmic Egg',,,,Ciou 'Intergalactic Invaders' | € 3000 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1213>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'Bambi et Coccinelle' | € 390 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1215>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'Red music and charming nymphs' | € 4600 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1228>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'They are coming for you' | € 75 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1219>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'Mermaid Festival',,,,Ciou 'Tribute to Ella Maillart',,,,Ciou 'Space adventure'
2018 Mar 24 - 2018 Apr 21
Ciou The Inner Land Part 1

2018,,,,Ciou 'Japanese creature',,,,Ciou 'The fall',,,,Ciou 'The incredible lobstergirl',,,,Ciou 'The Sealion Show',,,,Ciou 'Easter gift',,,,Ciou 'The moon tarot',,,,Ciou 'The blue Island',,,,Ciou 'Girls 6',,,,Ciou 'Girls 5',,,,Ciou 'Girls 3',,,,Ciou 'Girls 2',,,,Ciou 'The wild partner',,,,Ciou 'Magical Menagerie - Ladybug',,,,Ciou 'Magical Menagerie - Dog',,,,Ciou 'Magical Menagerie - Bird',,,,Ciou 'East of the sun west of the moon',,,,Ciou 'Jellyfish song',,,,Ciou 'Life on Mars',,,,Ciou 'Mon petit manege',,,,Ciou 'Yokai Dance',,,,Ciou 'Magical Menagerie - Frog',,,,Ciou 'Nothing s gonna change my world',,,,Ciou 'Butterflies opera',,,,Ciou 'Hybridation',,,,Ciou 'This land is yours'
2016 May 7 - 2016 May 28
A journey into Fantasy

2016,,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 28',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 27',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 26',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 25',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 24',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 23',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 21 bis',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 21',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 19',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina png 18',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 17',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 16',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 15',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 13 - 14',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 12',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 10',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 8 - 9',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 06',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 05',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 04',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 03',,,,Ciou 'Tumbelina page 02',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 01',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina titel page',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina - 'garde'',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina Cover',,,,Ciou 'Beyond The Rainbow',,,,Ciou 'Thumbelina page 07',,,,Ciou 'Japanese Spiders',,,,Ciou 'From the sea to the mountain'
2015 Jan 24 - 2015 Feb 28
Ciou - Beyond The Rainbow

2015,,,,Ciou 'ZEPHIRA RABBIT FROM THE MOON',,,,Ciou 'Eglantine the circus rabbit',,,,Ciou 'MODERN CIRCUS',,,,Ciou 'Serpentina',,,,Ciou 'Rainbow Queen',,,,Ciou 'Monster of the sea',,,,Ciou 'Monster of the winter greetings',,,,Ciou 'Monster of the rebirth',,,,Ciou 'Monster of the ghouls Autum',,,,Ciou 'Mon petit manège',,,,Ciou 'Wall painting' | € 9000 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=709>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'LEON THE GOSTLY DUCK',,,,Ciou 'EDWARD THE 3 EYED BOY',,,,Ciou 'GIGI THE WONDERFULL KITTY',,,,Ciou 'MONSTER OF THE WINTER',,,,Ciou 'CAT PLAYLAND',,,,Ciou 'Calling Spring',,,,Ciou 'Art Book Limited edition' | € 115 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=702>FOR SALE</a>,,,,Ciou 'GROWING INSIDE THE RAINBOW',,,,Ciou 'UNICORN GIRL'
2014 May 10 - 2014 May 10
Book Launch Collected Works by Ciou

2014,,,,Ciou 'Ciou at table Book Launch',,,,Ciou 'Show the book!',,,,Ciou 'Mountain',,,,Ciou 'Launch 1',,,,Ciou 'Launch 2',,,,Ciou 'Ciou and Majolo',,,,Ciou 'Stickers',,,,Ciou 'Nice bag and label:)',,,,Ciou 'Tools for the signing!',,,,Ciou 'Special edition set with giclée and stamps (La Poste)' | € 115 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=613>FOR SALE</a>
2013 Mar 23 - 2013 Apr 20
A Spell On You

2013,,,,"Ciou 'Ciou on VPRO documentary last december 9, 2012'",,,,Ciou 'Wall painting',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea # 21',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea # 16',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea #11',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea # 26',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea # 21',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea #5',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea #4',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea #112',,,,Ciou 'Venus Dea #14',,,,Ciou 'Gardes Avant - Chat Siamois',,,,Ciou 'Home Sweet Home',,,,Ciou 'Le Chaudron Magique',,,,Ciou 'Devil Playground',,,,Ciou 'Endorphine The Charming Lady',,,,Ciou 'Skull Spell',,,,Ciou 'Dream Parade',,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamois [76]',,,,Ciou 'Moshi Moshi',,,,Ciou 'Heart Spell',,,,Ciou 'Mister Wallace Magician Company',,,,Ciou 'The Goddess',,,,Ciou 'The Enchanted Ribbon',,,,Ciou 'Octopus Siamese Ttwins Syndrome',,,,Ciou 'Witches Convention',,,,"Ciou 'Fire, fire, fire'"
2011 Apr 9 - 2011 Apr 30
Black Parade

2011,,,,Ciou 'Nekro Kawae',,,,Ciou 'Monster Parade',,,,Ciou 'Fantaisie Brillante',,,,Ciou 'Black Parade',,,,Ciou 'Lionel the Lion faced boy',,,,Ciou 'Protective Fennec and friend',,,,Ciou 'Poison for rescue',,,,Ciou 'Skeleton Parade',,,,Ciou 'Foxy Parade',,,,Ciou 'Home sweet home',,,,Ciou 'Tattooed Lady',,,,Ciou 'Serpentina',,,,Ciou 'True Love Parade',,,,Ciou 'Blood for rescue',,,,Ciou 'Spider Trap',,,,Ciou 'Sacred evil Playland',,,,Ciou 'Tiger and charming lady',,,,Ciou 'Cute Cat and lovers',,,,Ciou 'Spirit of the Forest',,,,Ciou 'Bambi Parade'
2009 Nov 29 - 2009 Nov 30
Chat Siamois Book

2009,,,,Ciou 'Booksigning',,,,Ciou 'Illustration book',,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamoise drawing 3',,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamoise drawing 1',,,,Ciou 'with femke',,,,Ciou 'Book signing',,,,Ciou 'Book signing',,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamoise painting',,,,Ciou 'Book signing',,,,Ciou 'Book signing',,,,Ciou 'with Dadara and Kamiel Proost',,,,Ciou 'fans!'
2009 May 30 - 2009 Jun 30

2009,,,,Ciou 'New heart',,,,Ciou 'Kusama Inspiration',,,,Ciou 'Hello Darling',,,,Ciou 'Deers Paradise',,,,Ciou 'Do you want a cup of tea',,,,Ciou 'New flowers',,,,Ciou 'New nut for squirrel',,,,Ciou 'Savage Sioux',,,,Ciou 'The city of the strange bunny',,,,Ciou 'Poulpy and the Scampies',,,,Ciou 'Nymph and the Magic Shell',,,,Ciou 'Trinity',,,,Ciou 'Ciou_  portrait I',,,,Ciou 'Ciou_  portrait II',,,,Ciou 'Satanic Cute Deer',,,,Ciou 'Magic Candy Tree',,,,Ciou 'Nymph and shark sailor',,,,Ciou 'Rouge Gorge',,,,Ciou 'White pony',,,,Ciou 'Lost',,,,Ciou 'When we are together',,,,Ciou 'Ciou_visu (Nymph)',,,,Ciou 'Nymph of the Abyss',,,,Ciou 'Forgotten Universe of the nymphs',,,,Ciou 'Pinata',,,,Ciou 'Madame Satan',,,,Ciou 'Mer Morte'
,,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamois'
,,,,Ciou 'Chat Siamoise drawing 2' | € 350 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=80>FOR SALE</a>