Martin Draax

Martin Draax is a mixed media artist living in Amsterdam. He uses his background as a graphic designer and a pop composer to mix all kinds of media. He is interested in high and low culture in equal measures, and tries to combine craft and a strong concept with the psychology behind the fetish.
His works of art always maintain their witty, somewhat naughty but always sweet authenticity. In his music we hear strong and easy recognisable hooklines. Melodies are solidly encapsuled in rather unlikely chord schemes and riffs, referring to Exotica, soul, punkrock and jazz without sounding 'academic'. In his imagery we see something of the same quality: popular themes cut from their regular backgrounds are blended into a conceptually strong, refreshing work.
Draax makes music and videoclips with his band The Spinshots for his fashion brand Comic Sexy – an example of how he combines 'applied' and 'autonomous' arts, using different kinds of media and having a deep understanding of the synergetic total. Links to comic strips, the 60's, the exotic and to cinema are always apparent in his work, yet you haven't seen anything like it before.
2020 Jun 6 - 2020 Jun 20
Everything Must Go

2020 breed 72 dpi spaceflat.jpg, breed 72 dpi spaceflat.jpg, breed 72 dpi spaceflat.jpg, breed 72 dpi spaceflat.jpg,Martin Draax 'Deep Space' | € 0 | <a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1491>FOR SALE</a>