Zoé Byland


ZOE BYLAND’S works of art are in the Sanziany Vienna Collection, Kornfeld Collection Vienna and the Arts and Culture Vienna Collection.

Byland has been awarded by the Fügerpreis Academy of fine arts Vienna, American Art Award 2015, Vienna Opera Ball Poster, Kardinal König Kunstpreis nomination, Strabag Art Award nomination and the New York Master of Art Award.

Zoé Bylands born in Bern, Switzerland in 1975 creates monochromatic paintings that fluidly search the boundaries between low- and high culture. Her paintings are based on elements of vintage photography, film noir, graphic novels and classical genres of art history. She combine the traditional and the contemporary, the classical and the subcultural. Byland lives together with her husband who is a screen writer and they share their fascination for drama and mise-en-scène.

Byland uses subjects from turn-of-the-20th-century portrait photography because they are a timeless style of representation. Disguises are another central aspect of the work. Her characters never fully reveal their identity; they retain a degree of secrecy. They protect themselves and are simultaneously visible and vulnerable.

(SU) In the monochrome big black and white acrylic works Zoé Byland uses both paint and airbrush techniques. It gives them a wonderful 'out of focus' effect, and as a viewer you undergo a strange sense of sharpness and depth.

The subjects of all time are still current today: to create paintings that speak for themselves and do away with the boundary between high and low culture, counterpointing an elite art world that closed itself off to pop culture and counterculture. In the past fifteen years, many artists have taken up this tradition and supplemented the formal language with new elements, loading it with new content. Although they may work with the most diverse techniques, such as the classical painting medium or computer software, one can find among them a common trend toward narrative, dream-like scenarios, and uncanny-dark romanticism.

© Silvie Aigner

2017 May 13 - 2017 Jun 17

2017,,,,You are my haven,,,,Sisters and snow rabbit,,,,The kids,,,,Sisters with snowy owl,,,,Rise and shine,,,,The Band,,,,The Lovers,,,,The Hero - SOLD,,,,Boy with aeroplane,,,,Lady Dragonfly,,,,Lady at the seaside - SOLD,,,,At night,,,,King of the forest - SOLD
2015 Nov 7 - 2015 Dec 4

2015,,,,Girl in White / sold,,,,Sunday Afternoon,,,,In the Woods (sold),,,,Girl and Butterflies (sold),,,,Girl and Paperplanes,,,,Sisters,,,,Sisters with Snowy Owl,,,,Day at Sea,,,,Still Life I,,,,Head in the Clouds II,,,,Girl and Fishes,,,,Out of Water,,,,Boy and Dog,,,,Girl and Owl,,,,Girl with Grammophone Shot 2019-04-14 at 01.52.02.png, Shot 2019-04-14 at 01.52.02.png, Shot 2019-04-14 at 01.52.02.png, Shot 2019-04-14 at 01.52.02.png,King of the Woods
2013 Nov 11 - 2014 Feb 8
Zoé Byland - Winter Group Show

2013,,,,"Exhibition Poster (A2, 42x60 cm)",,,,King of the Woods,,,,Girl and Grammophone,,,,Sisters,,,,Boy and Dog