Sarah Maple

[UNITED KINGDOM] Sarah Maple’s (1985) works can be found in collections like Soho House, the Ned and the Hyman Collection. Her recent commissions include The Baltic, New Art Exchange and Sky Arts. Maple is known from various BBC, Sky Channel and Channel 4 broadcasting as well as from her VPRO  documentary.

Her artwork, film and performances have been exhibited internationally at galleries and institutions including Tate Britain, Golden Thread Gallery and Tallin Art Hall.  And she recently was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Sarah Maple is an award winning visual artist known for her bold, brave, mischievous and occasionally controversial artworks that challenge notions of identity, religion and the status quo. Much of Maple’s inspiration originates from her mixed religious and cultural upbringing.

Sarah Maple was born in 1985. She completed a BA in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2007, and now lives in her native Sussex. In the same year she also won the 'New Sensations' competition for emerging artists, run by Charles Saatchi and Channel 4. Sarah's work has been featured as the cover and content of US art/fashion magazine Swindle, and Nylon magazine. She has also worked with Dazed and Confused and Dolce and Gabbana on her film and performance works. In 2010 she curated an art auction for 'Feminism in London' with contributors such as Julian Opie, Julie Verhoeven, Gerald Laing, Stuart Semple, Susie Orbach and Kate Nash. Sarah's artwork, films and performances have been displayed on the London Tube and been exhibited in New York, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Italy and throughout Britain.

Much of Maple's inspiration originates from being brought up as a Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds. Blurring the lines between popular culture and religious devotion in an unfailingly mischievous manner, Sarah's aesthetic narrative urges the viewer to challenge traditional notions of religion, identity and the societal role of women.

Maple's work often takes on fabricated scenes and situations. She is affected by the art world, as well as from her general surroundings; including friends, family, television and popular culture. She is also greatly moved by music, comedy and literature. She believes these influences are truly woven into her art and provide the platform upon which her work is realised.

2019 May 11 - 2019 Jun 8
Human Trapped

2019,,,,A GIFT<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1140>for sale</a>,,,,IN TIME WE HATE<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1141>for sale</a>,,,,MANHATER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1142>for sale</a>,,,,MUSLIMS SCHOCKER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1143>for sale</a>,,,,POWER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1144>for sale</a>,,,,RELAX<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1145>for sale</a>,,,,THE FUTURE,,,,VENUS<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1147>for sale</a>,,,,SELF PORTRAIT AS A BEAUTIFUL LADY #03<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1176>for sale</a>,,,,SELF PORTRAIT AS A BEAUTIFUL LADY #02<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1175>for sale</a>,,,,SELF PORTRAIT AS A BEAUTIFUL LADY #01<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1174>for sale</a>,,,,CREATION OF MAN<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1151>for sale</a>,,,,Thoughts and Prayers<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1173>for sale</a>,,,,THIS PIECE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1172>for sale</a>,,,,BRADLEY COOPER KEEPS IT CASUAL<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1155>for sale</a>,,,,COURTNEY COX SHARES 51ST BIRTHDAY ON 15TH JUNE<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1156>for sale</a>,,,,Daniel Craig Leaves Fans Baffled with Face,,,,Emily Ratajkowski<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1158>for sale</a>,,,,Emma Watson<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1159>for sale</a>,,,,Jennifer Anniston<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1160>for sale</a>,,,,KIM KARDASHIAN HITS GYM DESPITE BEING ILL,,,,WHAT IS FEMALE EMPOWERMENT<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1162>for sale</a>,,,,MEGHAN MARKLE PUTS HAND ON LOWER TORSO<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1163>for sale</a>,,,,Selena Gomez<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1164>for sale</a>,,,,EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1165>for sale</a>,,,,EXODUS,,,,THE MOST HIGHTENED STATE OF BEING FEMALE,,,,FAKE NEWS<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1168>for sale</a>,,,,FLOWER POWER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1169>for sale</a>,,,,EXHIBITION POSTER<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1170>for sale</a>
2017 Feb 1 - 2017 Feb 18
Power to the people?

2017,,,,Power to the people? Big Canvas<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=946>for sale</a>,,,,Fighting Fire with Fire,,,,Daily Statement - My body My choice,,,,Daily Statement -  Know your limits,,,,Daily Statement - We shall overcome,,,,Daily Statement - Silence is not golden.,,,,Daily Statement - Silence in not golden,,,,Daily Statement - Talk is Cheap,,,,Daily Statement - Talk is cheap,,,,Daily Statement - Resist.,,,,Daily Statement - Resist,,,,Daily Statement - Democracy overrated,,,,Daily Statement - Democracy is overrated,,,,Bang!,,,,Read My Lips.,,,,DAILY STATEMENT - DON'T BE A DICK WITH YOUR DICK,,,,DAILY STATEMENT - JOIN THE REVOLUTION,,,,Your Body,,,,'Them',,,,Your Opinion,,,,Life Lottery,,,,People are dicks.,,,,Go Home,,,,DAILY STATEMENT - JOIN THE REVOLUTION,,,,Englands Glory
2015 Mar 14 - 2015 Apr 18
I Disagree With What You Say

2015,,,,UK Feminista Summer School 2013.,,,,Signs,,,,Fighting Fire With Fire No.2,,,,The opposite to a feminist,,,,Recovering misogynist,,,,Ballerina,,,,Sleeping Beauty performs an operaton,,,,Belle the football manager,,,,Judge Jasmine,,,,Snow White the scientist,,,,'An artist and a female artist',,,,I disagree with what you say
2011 Sep 17 - 2011 Oct 15
Fighting Fire With Fire 2011

2011,,,,Cherry Bakewell anyone,,,,Self Portrait with my Mother's scarf,,,,Women Bleed<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=373>for sale</a>,,,,Signs I wish i had a penis,,,,This is shit<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=375>for sale</a>,,,,This pic took me at least 10 minutes<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=376>for sale</a>,,,,Branch Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=377>for sale</a>,,,,Cup Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=378>for sale</a>,,,,Da Vinci Cock,,,,Umbrella Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=380>for sale</a>,,,,Young Persons Rail Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=381>for sale</a>,,,,This is an investment<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=382>for sale</a>,,,,Champs cock (AP),,,,Cup cock (AP),,,,Hanger cock (AP),,,,Young Persons Rail cock AP,,,,You could have done this,,,,Champs Cock
,,,,Key Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=391>for sale</a>
,,,,Scotsman Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=392>for sale</a>,,,,Bloody Neons<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=393>for sale</a>
,,,,Cock serie ltd Art edition
2011 Mar 15 - 2011 Mar 18
Women Inc show

2011,,,,Tracey Emin for Sarah with love<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=389>for sale</a>,,,,Let them eat freedom<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=390>for sale</a>,,,,Make some Noise,,,,A Bit of Pussy<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=395>for sale</a>,,,,I Cock<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=396>for sale</a>,,,,The opposite to a Feminist<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=398>for sale</a>,,,,I Love Orgasms,,,,You