Martine Johanna


[NETHERLANDS] Martine Johanna’s art is in collections of numerous private art collectors world wide.

Largely autobiographical, Johanna uses color, form, and composition as language. She
investigates the role of women within a
patriarchal culture. Beauty, adolescence, oppression, inner worlds and dualism are themes recurring in her wordless communication with both figurative and abstract elements.

Martine Johanna is a visual artist, best known for her colorful paintings of abstract and figurative elements. Her autobiographical work, seemingly light-hearted, explores the duality between youthful naivety and fear-riddled adulthood. The delicately painted figures share a sense of complete immersion in their own "internal psychic landscape." Martine Johanna has received international acclaim and regularly exhibits in the US.


Martine Johanna is beeldend kunstenaar, vooral bekend om haar kleurrijke schilderijen met abstracte en figuratieve elementen. Haar autobiografische werk, schijnbaar luchtig, verkent de dualiteit tussen jeugdige naïviteit en met angst-doorzeefde volwassenheid. De delicaat geschilderde figuren delen een gevoel van volledige onderdompeling in hun eigen “interne psychische landschap.” Martine Johanna heeft internationaal succes en exposeert regelmatig in de VS.

2020 May 9 - 2020 May 30
Surrender Dorothy

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2018 May 26 - 2018 Jun 16
Dark Matter

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