Ray Caesar


Ray Caesar’s work has been shown by The Metropolitan, The Bristol Museum, The MoMA, as well as The Guggenheim. Additionally, his work has been selected to represent Canada in the Lyon Biennale.

Major collectors include the Hearst Family, Madonna, Spotify, and Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy).

Born in London to a working class family, Ray Caesar attended obedience classes and art colleges. Later he worked for a children’s hospital for almost 20 years which profoundly influenced his artistic career. In the Art and Photography Department at The Hospital For Sick Children, Caesar documented such things as child abuse, surgical reconstruction, psychology, and animal research. It was here that Caesar witnessed the miracles and great sadnesses that have impacted his unique vision.

Following a tenure working in computer modeling, digital animation, and visual effects for television and film, Caesar mastered Maya, a complex 3D modeling software used for digital animation effects in the film and video game industries. Caesar discovered that Maya could be a medium for a new kind of artwork and began creating his masterful surrealist art. He currently focuses on his artistic career full-time, spending hundreds of hours to build a single digital image. His richly textured models and landscapes have earned him a reputation as the most influential digital artist of his generation. Voyeurism, escapism, human cruelty, and disguise are reoccurring themes in Caesar’s work.

London born on 1958, Ray Caesar is an international well- known artist, undisputed leader of Digital Art. He has worked in several fields, attended many art schools, and realised building project works for architectural studios, agencies of digital technique, computer modelling, digital animation and has also made visual effects for both television and film. 

Each one of his works is like a little piece of a big puzzle. Like Mary Shelley who deconstructs the human body in order to reconstruct it, so does Ray Caesar. In his creations he gets together fragments of decorative styles and architectural ages to give birth to a timeless beauty. In this mix of Art Deco, Victorian style and visual codes from the early 1900’s, his works really stand out for their personality and charm. Absolute master of digital technique he is a reference point to all the artists who faces this artistic discipline. Caesar works in Maya (a 3D modelling software used for digital animation effects in film and game industries), using it to create his figures as well as the virtual realms in which they exist.

Through the program, he builds digital models with invisible skeletons and anatomical joints that can be bent and manipulated to assume any pose. He wraps the models in rich textures, adding hair, skin, eyelashes and fingernails. Then places them in digitally lit, impeccably detailed 3D environments built with architectural layers, windows, wallpapers, curtains and furnishings.

Caesar’s meticulous process incorporates elements of drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, working countless hours to achieve every remarkably intricate tableau. Further emphasising his sculptural technique, Caesar compares his process of 2D printmaking with imagery created in 3D as being similar to the practice of capturing stills from video and film.With full control over dressing, posing and lighting his figures as well as every element of their surroundings, Caesar’s craft is an advanced extension of a childhood obsession-playing with dolls.

Fantasy, escapism, human cruelty and disguise are reoccurring themes explored within his dramatic narratives. Betraying the seemingly child-like innocence of the figures is their piercing, knowing gaze-exposing inner strength in contrast with their fragile physical appearance. Dark details manifest from deep within the artist’s vast imagination to define simulated realities, transporting the viewer into sanctuaries created for his lost ghost- children who emerge from shadows into safe refuge, carrying macabre secrets and hidden truths.

2017 Nov 4 - 2017 Dec 23
Winter Group Show 2017

2017,,,,Hive study<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=1007>for sale</a>,,,,Tainted by the Sea,,,,Swee Pea,,,,Communion
2016 Nov 26 - 2016 Dec 30
Ray Caesar - Exhibition 2016

2016,,,,Worldtraveler,,,,Keepsake,,,,Bound,,,,The Curative,,,,Old Wounds,,,,Madame R,,,,Royale,,,,The Nature of Gravity<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=932>for sale</a>,,,,Girl in a Red Chaperone,,,,Old Wounds Study
2016 Jan 1 - 2016 Dec 31
Ray Caesar 2016

2016,,,,The Collector,,,,Keeping Secrets,,,,OLD WOUNDS<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=905>for sale</a>,,,,Girl in A Red Chaperone,,,,Song For The Dearly Departed<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=907>for sale</a>,,,,The Crucible,,,,THE NATURE OF GRAVITY,,,,WORLD TRAVELER,,,,The Sporting Life,,,,Royale
2015 May 1 - 2015 Jul 5
Caesar [exchange] at SWEET 18 EXHIBITION

2015,,,,Sweet 18,,,,The Interval,,,,Aria,,,,Day Trip,,,,La Chasse
2013 Nov 16 - 2014 Feb 8
Ray Caesar - Winter group Show

2013,,,,The Collector,,,,Fallen,,,,Mother and Child,,,,Dark Guardian,,,,Fallen Study,,,,Mother and Child Study,,,,Winter Study
2012 Dec 15 - 2013 Jan 19

2012,,,,La Chambre Study,,,,La Chambre,,,,Fading Away,,,,Impromptu,,,,Calamity,,,,Day Trip<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=360>for sale</a>,,,,Night Call Study,,,,Siren,,,,The Interval,,,,Private Affair,,,,La Chasse,,,,Tea with Me and He,,,,The Gift of Joy,,,,The Gift of Love,,,,The Gift of Time,,,,The Manager,,,,We Three Kings<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=370>for sale</a>
2012 Mar 10 - 2012 Apr 18
New Space: Ray Caesar

2012,,,,Arabesque,,,,Ancient Memory<a href=../217/?form_112.replyids=351>for sale</a>,,,,Homecoming,,,,Words of Wisdom
2005 Dec 15 - 2006 Feb 15
The World of Ray Caesar

2005,,,,Healing Light,,,,Companion Study,,,,Messenger,,,,Messenger Study,,,,Bubbles,,,,Prince of Truth,,,,Angel of Innocent Things,,,,Exodus Study,,,,Hall of Ages,,,,Tattle Tail,,,,Castor,,,,Exodus,,,,Foreign Tongue,,,,Guardian Study,,,,Hall of Ages Study,,,,Kitty Kat Study,,,,Pollux,,,,Power and Glory
,,,,Book Art Collection
,,,,Book Art Collection Fine Art Edition