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Our Video channel

Have a look at the video's we made through the years. Click here.

Latest news

Historical Fiction is in the current Ceramic Review Magazine selection of top books!

Interview with Ciou in 'The Aither magazine'. Nov 30, 2022

We are 'curators' in The Beautiful Bizarre Magazine #39, 2022.

This is a very interesting tv special by the Kunstenbond for the art world. V*KTV #2: SHOW (w/ English subtitles)

Ciou Museum Paris

Museum de la Poste shows a beautiful selection of original artworks and interactive digital images in an overview of our artist Ciou. The zodiac  stamps she designed for the French National Post were Inspired by French illustrator Peynet, Jean Cocteau and Japanese culture. They were printed in an edition of 3 million and were the best selling stamps in 2014.

Museum Liverpool

London-based ceramic artist Claire Partington is showing at the Walker for the first time. The Walker’s collections have inspired this major new commission, presented by the Contemporary Art Society. 
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, June - November 2022.

Watch the Claire Partington interview

Official dealership

As Ray Caesar's official representative since 2005 for the Netherlands and partly Northern Europe you can come to us for the most up-to-date availability of works. We also have information about the availability of works from his digital extensive ouevre.



20/20 was launched in November 2021 by UAL Decolonising Arts Institute, working in partnership with 20 UK public collections, museums and galleries. The project has been generously supported by a £300,000 grant from Freelands Foundation, a £300,000 grant from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants Programme and funding from UAL. 

Borders open!

We opened the doors to the third edition of Popland. The opening was a blast with a great turnout this year, and we had the presence of artists such as Victor Castillo, Peca, Miss Van, Erlend Tait, Chuck Sperry, Ciou, Malojo, as well as the great guests like Pipsqueak Was Here, Heiko Muller, Dadara, and Femke Hiemstra. Thanks to everyone for joining us and making it happen!

Nazi Sexy Shark Show on TV

Official Trailer for 'Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show' coming to Sky Arts 14th October at 11pm.
A semi-autobiographical artwork meets sitcom following Sarah as she prepares for her upcoming exhibition at Jealous Gallery. Featuring appearances from David Tennant, Sonia Boyce, Nikki Bedi, Will Gompertz, Grace Saif and Kate Bryan.

Shown during the exhibition at Jealous Gallery in East London opening 1st October until 18th October 2020.

CODA Documentary

Meryl Donoghue in a very interesting and explaining documentary. This is a must see for every Donoghue fan!

Watch the doc here

Sarah in CFBP

The Centre for British Photography is a new gallery opening in January 2023 as a hub for British Photography. Located in central London with 8,000 square feet of space over three floors, the Centre will stage specially curated exhibitions and work with partner organisations across the UK.  It will also present works from the Hyman Collection in order to provide an over-view of British photography. 

Sarah’s work will be in ‘Headstrong’, curated by Anna Fox.

Covid opening pioneers

Saturday 9 May, 2020 

As first Dutch art gallery the exhibition "Surrender Dorothy" with work by Martine Johanna opened in KochxBos Gallery. The opening fully met the new government requirements that the 1,5 meter economy requires of us. To ensure the safety of all visitors, the gallery gave out dedicated time slots: two people were allowed to visit the exhibition every 30 minutes between 11 pm and 11 pm.

All timeslots were booked within hours.
More info can also be found on the Gallery Viewer website.

Guardian Top 10

Amsterdam has a vibrant contemporary art scene, showcasing up-and-coming talent as well as young stars from abroad. Russell Joyce of Unfold Amsterdam picks his favourite galleries. Read more

Claire Partington in Seattle Art Museum

DEC 7 2018 – DEC 6 2020
Get a new perspective on SAM’s popular Porcelain Room through the site-specific work of contemporary British ceramic artist Claire Partington. Taking Tea features an installation referencing Baroque painting and European porcelain factories, as well as a panel mounted with fragments from 17th- and 18th-century shipwrecks. 

Her figures engaged in the act of “taking tea” give a human face to the European craze for Chinese porcelain on display in the Porcelain Room. Partington’s installation suggests the often unintentional consequences of the porcelain trade during the expansion of international shipping routes. The figures in the installation are steeped in the rarified luxury and high-end fashion these items once conveyed, but they also expose the degrading aspects of trade—the reality of precarious ocean voyages and human exploitation.

Maple in CFBP London

The Centre for British Photography is a new gallery opening in January 2023 as a hub for British Photography. Located in central London with 8,000 square feet of space over three floors, the Centre will stage specially curated exhibitions and work with partner organisations across the UK.  It will also present works from the Hyman Collection in order to provide an over-view of British photography. 

Sarah’s work will be in ‘Headstrong’, curated by Anna Fox.

Ciou on television

Ciou's universe of metamorphoses.
One of the few French artists to be internationally recognized in the art of lowbrow and who exhibits all over the world. A documentary item.

Watch it here
Thursday, June 22, 2023

Dadara Public intervention

23 April 2020. "The Artist Is Not Present".
On an empty Museumplein Amsterdam in corona times artist Dadara shows a new 244 x 244 x 80 cm installation.

This intervention questions what happens when the artist is gone and leaves us with a purely material world. And now that all physical exhibition spaces are gone, artists should transform public space into exhibition space. #redreamyourcity

Birmingham Museum

June 2020

We are overjoyed to announce Sarah Maple's painting ‘The Past Is Now’ is now part of the permanent collection of the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. She made this work in response to ‘What does it mean to be British?’ for @SkyArts and was exhibited at the Baltic in Gateshead. It is a portrait of the artist with her parents. #britishempire #balticgateshead @BM_AG

I love art dealers

I love art dealers. In some ways, they're my favorite people in the art world. I love that they put their money where their taste is, create their own aesthetic universes, support artists, employ people, and do all of this while letting us see art for free. Many are visionaries.

Jerry Saltz
Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine. 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. Author of NYT Best Seller “How To Be an Artist.” 2-time ASME award winner.

Read Jerry here.

Sarah Maple on BBC

'Not My Cup of Tea'
Sarah Maple's new exhibition, "Not My Cup of Tea", explores one of the big stories of 2016 and 2017 - Brexit. Her photographs combine the rhetoric of the 'Leave' campaign, with recognisable images to represent the United Kingdom. She spoke to Dan Damon about the work, and the uncertainties and questions about identity raised by Brexit.
© (Image/Credit: England's Glory from Sarah Maple's Brexit series at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham)

Jed Martin Studio

Presenting the second exhibition of extraordinary French artist Jed Martin. This time the gallery will be turned into his atelier where you can wander in Martin’s world as described in Michel Houellebecq’s book ‘The Map and the Territory’ (De kaart en het gebied). With the artworks from the series Business Compositions and Elementary Professions as well as the world wide renowned Michelin Maps.

Covid interview Dadara

In this Boom Toolkit for Covid-19 interview series #2: The Role of Art and Artists. Artist Dadara speaks about the context in which we're living that calls for reflection, sensing, and seeking knowledge.

Dadara public intervention

31 October, 2018 @ 7 AM a 27 x 3 x 3 meter fence was placed around the 'iamsterdam monument' in front of the RijksMuseum. Now that most cultural free spaces are gone, artists should be free to start transforming public space into free space. 
#redreamyourcity  #iamdream


Sarah Maple in Schiedam

September 20, 2020

Sarah Maple's installation ‘Brexit’ s selected for Fotofestival Schiedam. It’s on view in the main location of the festival. ‘Brexit’ is a body of staged photographs based around the language used during the Brexit campaign. More info and tickets at

Our new website

2020 Welcome to our new website that we call 'Beta'. Because - as you will see - some functionalities are not ready yet, but the look of it is so fantastic that we asked Constant Brinkman ( who helped us to build this new digital home to "just put in on-line!".
Have a fantastic day! Esther & Hans


Thanks everyone who came by our booth! We presented artworks by our artists Zoé Byland, Ray Caesar, Claire Partington, Meryl Donoghue, Ciou, Dadara, Bethany de Forest, Martine Johanna and Sarah Maple.


Critic's Choice

From the beginning the gallery has been regarded as interesting place to visit and rewarded too, like the Critic's Choice of Time Out. 

Print 2020 'Harmony'

Special edition print for the 2020 'Surrender Dorothy' exhibition by Martine Johanna.

In a limited edition of 50
Signed and numbered by Martine Johanna

€ 65 / Piëzografie / 40 x 60 cm
Printed on Hahnemuhle White Velvet.

We're sorry, the prints are sold out.

Power to the People?

february 2017

#PowerToThePeople? #KeepOneShareOne

We invite you to take part in a radical get together where you can share your positivity and revolutionary ideas in collaboration with Sarah Maple. The gallery will become an inclusive space for debate, creation and interaction between you, your friends and the artist in residence. Bring along your good vibes and wildest ideas.

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Sarah worked two weeks in our gallery, the space turned into a bustling meeting place where many people got together and shared their (revolutionary) ideas. With a lot of art help by PipSqueakWasHere and Bethany de Forest, and...

Through the theme of “Power to the people?” we encouraged interaction between the artist and the visitors, spontaneous creativity, and lively debates that will hopefully lead to a new, positive art movement which we will all be a part of. The various themes of the exhibition we were censorship and freedom of expression (‘Read my lips', 'Your opinion is wrong’), the question of nationalism vs. the refugee crisis (‘Go Home’ and ‘England's Glory’) as well as sexism and misogyny (‘Do not be a Dick with your Dick’).


Parool newspaper 2021

Open your mind book

Order the ultimate Dadara book "Open your mind - So we can use your data".

This beautifully crafted hardcover edition by Dadara and KochxBos Publishers is a record of his full body of work.

From the Dadababy speakers, to the massive installations during the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA to Greyman Statue of No Liberty. Hence this astonishing book, which is a truly collaborative creation. It took a full year to select the best work and the wildest ideas, resulting in this career-spanning retrospective.

We are very grateful that Elizabeth Scarborough and Gert van Veen contributed with their aticles to this book. This body of work is a wonderful overview of Dadara’s art through the years and a small glimpse into the mind of its creator.