,,,,Group Show 'Chris Reccardi 'Fono'',,,,Group Show 'Dadara 'Greyman'',,,,Group Show 'Tim Biskup 'Flaming Ghost Blossom'',,,,Group Show 'Zoé Byland 'Lady Bubblegum'',,,,Group Show 'Ray Caesar 'La Chasse'',,,,Group Show 'Ray Caesar 'Festival of Light'',,,,Group Show 'Ray Caesar 'Naiad'',,,,Group Show 'Yoko d'Holbachie 'The world turning'',,,,Group Show 'Chris Reccardi 'Minimod 2'',,,,Group Show 'Chris Reccardi 'Mono'',,,,Group Show 'Yoko d'Holbachie 'Seeds'',,,,Group Show 'Yoko d'Holbachie 'Happy World II'',,,,Group Show 'Tim Biskup 'Samurai Jack Monster Stack'',,,,Group Show 'Tim Biskup 'Lantern Wicket'',,,,Group Show 'The Story So Far',,,,Group Show 'Sauerkids 'Reverse'',,,,Group Show 'Sauerkids 'For Better'',,,,Group Show 'Sauerkids 'It'',,,,Group Show 'Claire Partington 'Pendant'',,,,Group Show 'Claire Partington 'The Lovers''


Group Show

Window Shop

2020 Apr 2 - 2020 May 8

Our gallery has been closed since the beginning of this horrible corona crisis. But our gallery space holds so many physical beautiful art pieces by great artists. Last weeks we have been working on ideas on how to present them on the outside so you can walk by the gallery safely. We spend our time in investing in new window LED lights, new display ideas and ways to connect to the outer world as we have always tried.

We feel sad that a distance has grown between all of us. Well, maybe the art and beautiful images will keep our minds sane.

With love from Esther and Hans
KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam

April 2020

Window Shop